Friday, March 8, 2013


I’ve always been big into mythology stories. I just love them.
Now, I do admit that I’ve been into the Norse mythology for awhile now and this book was a perfect read for me.
 I loved the romance and the tension.  
Valkyrie Rising is a definite must-read.

4.5 Stars!

Well I loved the surprising twist. It was so unique and awesome and just soo damn good. 

Ellie and Graham’s bond strikes me to the core. I love seeing strong sibling relationships in books ( I can relate to them, although I don't have a brother). Ellie is a good fighter and a good leader, always protecting her brother ( Graham is also very protective of her). It was refreshing that the action took place in Norway, I really liked that. And there is Tuck.. Ahh Tucker, Graham's best friend and Ellie's secret crush, although she is trying to resist falling for her brother’s best friend. I loved Tuck as a character, he was sweet and awesome. I really liked him. Maybe it's because I absolutely love cheesy love stories.
Tucker,  the hero of this story is also different from the usual hero's. He isn't a silent, brooding, mysterious hero that i always read. Instead he is a joker, naughty and yeah, a bit mysterious guy xD I was totally in love with him.If you love sexy, sarcastic, heart-of-gold guys, you should read this book. If you love girl power, or mythology, or sibling relationships, or foreign countries, read Valkyrie Rising. You won’t regret it.

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