Saturday, December 24, 2011

Renee Wildes - Guardians of the Light

Hedda's Sword (Guardians of the Light #2)

Hedda's Sword (Guardians of the Light #2) 


Contains murder and mayhem, drugs and slavery, patricide and references to a memory of rape. Take one narcissistic queen bent on genocide, an assassin nun made of ice and a hero convinced he can change the course of Fate by his will alone. Add a true queen with an aversion to power and a mercenary with a secret that threatens to tear the land in two. Stir briskly. Season with a child-Seer who never shuts up and a tree sprite looking for an apprentice. What do you get? Either a rollicking rebellion or a recipe for disaster. Look for a few familiar faces from DUALITY. Be prepared for tears and laughter.

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