Friday, December 23, 2011

Erika Gilbert - Summoning Darkness

Summoning Darkness

Summoning Darkness 


All Vanessa Kline wants is a drama-free year, but when her friend spits out a mouthful of teeth at her feet, something tells her that’s not going to happen. Not only is Jackie turning into a werewolf, she seems to be eyeing up Vanessa as if she’s on the menu.

Vanessa has to avoid becoming lunch. Having the ability to utter a powerful gypsy curse should help – being able to choose when the curse is uttered would help even more.

As it turns out, Vanessa has no say in the matter. When Jackie attacks, a powerful curse escapes Vanessa’s lips, causing her best friend to drop dead on the spot. Thinking she’s killed her, Vanessa is mortified. But when Bobby Collins, the cutest boy in school, turns up, and finds a pulse, Vanessa is relieved. Worst of all, when Bobby carries Jackie to the ambulance, she misses the whole thing after falling into a coma.

Vanessa’s concern for her friend is the least of her worries. It seems the new girl, Selina Kai, is the source of Jackie’s sudden transformation. When Vanessa follows her home, intending to confront her, she gets more than she bargained for.

She isn’t the only one stalking Selina Kai. Selina is some kind of necromancer, able to control dark creatures, and a powerful Mage intends to use her powers. When he opens a portal to hell, he uses Selina’s powers to call up something horrific from the bowels of the underworld.

Belial, the demon of lies, is on the loose.

Vanessa should fear the demon. Since his arrival students have started changing. Someone is turning people to stone and then killing them. But Vanessa is more afraid of the feelings she has for the demon. When he kisses her, she knows she is marked.

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