Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crystal Jordan - In the Heat of the Night

Big Girls Don't Die (In the Heat of the Night, #2)

Big Girls Don't Die (In the Heat of the Night, #2) (In the Heat of the Night #2) 


Andre St James is a centuries old vampire, born and bred in Naw Leans with a take-charge attitude that usually gets him exactly what he wants. Then he meets Cynthiana and he knows she is his love. He fears for her life because fragile humans die every day. Heart attacks. Car wrecks. He won't risk her waiting until she loves him back, so he turns her without asking first.

Cynthiana is no man's pet. She has made it on her own as a plus size model. Alas, casting no reflection makes it impossible to continue being a model "thanks to a certain annoying, sexy, rude, great in bed, undead vampire who shall not be named."

Now it is Valentine's Day in Vegas. Andre's determined to prove they are destined to be together. Forever.

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